• December 7, 2021

Video Shows First-Ever ‘Christian Patrol’ in ‘Islamist Hotspot’ in Britain — WATCH WHAT HAPPENS

When members of a controversial U.K. political movement known as Britain First recently took to the streets in Bury Park, Luton, carrying Christian crosses and handing out literature, it didn’t take long for the group to boisterously clash with local Muslims.

In a heavily edited video posted on Britain First’s social media accounts, the protesters are seen arguing with Islamic adherents after group leader Jayda Fransen appeared in the clip to explain why Britain First was hosting the first-ever ”Christian Patrol” of the area.

“We’re giving out newspapers. We’ve got our Christian crosses, and we are going through the town,” Fransen explained. “We’ve already had a bit of hostility, but we’re marching through. This is a British town and we’re proud to be British.”

What follows is footage of men who are reportedly Muslim yelling things like, “You’re jealous that we’re taking over.” The same man who said that later barked, “F**k you. It’s our country.”

Fransen responded, ”It’s a Christian country!” with the man continuing to push back, “No, it’s not … it’s not a Christian country.” Unmoved, Fransen pressed on, gesturing to a large, white Christian cross she was holding and proclaiming, “See this cross. This will prevail.”

Another woman who appeared to be siding with the Muslim men shouted, “The Muslims will take over! Watch!”

See the shocking video below:

At moments, the clip makes it look as though Britain First members — who shouted things like, “This isn’t your town!” and “Reject the false Prophet Muhammad and follow the true savior of the world, Jesus Christ our Lord!” — were being pushed or punched by Muslims.

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