• May 30, 2024


A Richfield, Minnesota man’s neighbors overheard him talking and reported him to authorities. The man was shocked when police showed up at his door to take away his guns.

Ralph Gilbertsen’s neighbors overheard him talking in his home. Apparently he’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist. He believes in things like big foot, UFOs, and that big brother may be watching him– basically, the same kind of ideas that a million YouTubers and bloggers are guilty of sharing.

The manager of Gilbertsen’s apartment complex contacted the Hennepin Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies to voice concerns about the tenant. Soon after, police came knocking on
Gilbertsen’s door and confiscated his three handguns.

Gilbertsen couldn’t believe that his Second Amendment rights could be taken away just like that. He’s served his country as a former Marine Reservist. He has no criminal record and no history of violence toward anyone. He passed in-depth background checks and legally obtained concealed carry permits. He has a minor mental issue, for which his psychiatrist sent a letter to explain to the judge that he’s taking medications and poses no threat to himself or others.

“He’s what some people would say is a conspiracy theorist. It is an unusual situation,” says attorney Paul Baertschi. “But really, the police acted unilaterally in deciding that a person who has these beliefs can’t be trusted with a gun. And so they just took them, without a warrant.”

Gilbertsen is proceeding with a lawsuit to get back his rights, and his guns. It’s scary to think that any authority would condone depriving people of their Constitutional rights just because of ideas they might express.



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