• July 19, 2024

Watch Drone DESTROY ISIS Truck Carrying Explosives!

The lorry was said to be carrying a prepared car-bomb on its trailer west of Mosul in Iraq. The Ministry of Defence said that although the vehicle was speeding, a direct hit was successful using a brimstone missile.

Brimstone is a radar-guided weapon which can be used against moving targets, often known as the ‘fire-and-forget’
David Cameron, the British Prime Minister said the weapon is the kind of UK asset which would make a ‘meaningful difference’ to the battle against ISIS.

The MOD said on its website that Tornado GR4s, Typhoon FGR4s and Reapers are providing ‘close air support to Iraqi forces clearing Daesh positions in the area around Ramadi’.

Adding ‘The Typhoons destroyed a terrorist building with a Paveway, then used two more Paveways to engage a pair of Daesh groups, armed with heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades, which were engaged in close combat with Iraqi troops.

‘Despite the proximity of the friendly forces, the precision of the Paveways and careful planning by the aircrew allowed both targets to be struck successfully.

‘Paveway attacks accounted for four groups of terrorist fighters, including one heavy machine-gun and two mortar teams.

‘When machine-gunners opened fire on the Iraqis from the windows of a single storey building, the Tornados launched a pair of Brimstone missiles which accurately struck both windows.’

The video was released soon after reports of ISIS plans to obtain chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear materials to carry out further attacks.

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