• June 15, 2024

WATCH: Hillary LOSES IT On Camera, Makes BIZARRE Claim -WTF?

Clinton’s recent outrageous claims have been said on a bad day. Another way to look at it is that Americans are complete idiots.

VIA Angry Patriot

“I first learned about Zika last December. My daughter, who has a PhD in public health, is the first one who said ‘this is a very serious problem,” Hillary Clinton claimed during a recent campaign stop.

So, Chelsea Clinton discovered the Zika virus epidemic?

According to Hillary, her offspring was deeply involved with unearthing the emerging problem.

What earth-shattering thing did the former first daughter do to figure out Zika was going to be a threat?

According to dear old mom, Chelsea followed the research, reports, and statistics coming out of the CDC and other like organizations.

Hmm…I think a lot of real doctors were doing the same thing—and ringing the warning bell long before December.

Perhaps Hillary is just so self-involved that she did not notice the Zika headlines—and so arrogant that she believed a warning this important surely needed to have the Clinton name attached to it.

“She [Chelsea] said we need to get ahead of this disease because it is so dangerous for pregnant women and their children,” Clinton added.

Either Chelsea’s armchair doctoring was lackluster or Hillary’s mind is incapable of holding too many “facts” all at once.

Zika is dangerous to unborn babies—the little bundles of joy liberals tend to refer to only as “fetuses.”

The virus is not deadly to “children.”

It is, however, dangerous for men too. The virus can stay in sperm for up to one year, making the guys carriers, which could cause birth defects if they get their wives, girlfriends, or sexual partners pregnant.

Using real Zika facts apparently did not suit Hillary’s women and children advocate narrative.

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