• June 20, 2024

WELCOME TO 2016…Where Women Put Their Virginity On Sale On Online Auction Sites

A student is selling her virginity to raise enough money to be able to study abroad. Bidders in the online auction can even get two virgins in one night if they also make an offer for the student’s best friend.

20-year-old Ariana from Russia is auctioning her virginity on an escort website with bids starting at £130,560 (150,000 EUR).

Ariana said she was doing it because she needed to raise the fund for her education.

Image credit: CEN

She said: “Many students have the issue that during their studies they have to deal with multiple problems. You have to go to work in order to pay for your education.

“I want to move to another country for my studies in medicine. The university will be very expensive, the rent will also be high. I imagine that living in another country will be very hard, therefore I want to get the financial burden out of the way so I can focus on my medical studies.”

Although she has looked into alternatives, she says she has been left with little option because her parents are not rich and Russia does not offer grants to study abroad.

She says it is the easiest way to raise money quickly, and even though her parents don’t currently know how she’s raising the money,when they do find out she is happy to explain the situation to them.

Image credit: CEN

She said: “I am also an independent woman and can do just what I want. Believe me, I have thought long and hard to make this decision. I have hoped for so long to find my great love, but it did not work out. So why should I wait any longer? And why should I lose my virginity to someone who could then break my heart later?”

Ariana hopes that the highest bidder will deal sensitively with her and, if it works out between the two of them, there’s a possibility of seeing more of each other after their sexual encounter.

Those who might be interested in bidding on Ariana’s virginity can also consider getting her best friend Lolita involved, whose virginity is also up for grabs. The listing offers the possibility for people to bid for Ariana’s virginity alone or of opting for the duo.

Ariana. Image credit: CEN

The listing reads: “That means you can bid for virgins in one night.”


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