• June 24, 2024

What A Detention Officer Was Caught Doing Had The Sheriff About To Rip Him Apart!

A Texas sheriff made it clear in no uncertain terms that he was disgusted with a now-former jailer.

“You’re fired,” Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner told Tyler Moody on Oct. 10. “You’re no longer an employee here.”

Moody had admitted to investigators to smuggling a cellphone and charger into the jail where he had served as a detention officer since October 2019, according to KDFW.

The items were discovered during a shakedown of cells.

Sheriff Skinner said that Moody had confessed that “he had received money and brought a cell phone into the facility and gave it to an inmate to use,” KDFW reported.

Video of Sheriff Skinner’s confronting Moody was released by the Collin County Sheriff’s Department and was posted onto Law & Crime Network’s YouTube channel where it has since gone viral.


“You’ve betrayed the trust of every citizen that we have the privilege to serve,” Sheriff Skinner told the disgraced former employee.

“And you’ve betrayed the trust of the brave and selfless men and women that you’ve worked alongside for nearly three years.”


Moody offered up no defense of himself or his actions.

Sheriff Skinner then let it be known that Moody was going to be remanded behind the same bars he was supposed to have been guarding.

“So as of this moment, you’re under arrest for bringing a prohibited item, a cellphone, into a correctional facility. That’s a third degree felony. You have any questions about that?”

Moody meekly said that he did not.

Punctuating his disciplinary action, Skinner relieved Moody of his official attire. “First thing I want you to do is stand up and take that uniform shirt off.  You don’t deserve to wear it.”


Moody was then taken and processed as an inmate, complete with a booking photo.

The next day Moody posted $5,000 bail and was released from custody.

Sheriff Skinner said that he expects additional arrests to be made, indicating that others may also be involved in bringing contraband into the jail.

Many people on social media hailed the sheriff’s actions.

“I wish we could send this guy to Washington. Bravo!” said one person on Twitter.


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