• April 17, 2024


Leland Yee served as a Senator in California for 25 years. Most know him as a member of the anti gun movement. Going as far as blaming video games for the violence we see today. The left is claiming that on the surface of Yee’s life this can be seen as a precipitous fall from grace. While most of us know this is always what was coming.

Yee was one of the most hypocritical members elected. He felt he had the right to tell his constituents what their civil liberties were, ignoring his Oath all together.

Yee faced a multitude of charges. Ranging from firearm smuggling, racketeering, selling guns without a license, agreeing to join a murder for hire plot suggested by an undercover FBI agent. These charges were dropped following Yee’s guilty plea to lesser charges.

Ultimately Lee plead guilty to weapons smuggling and corruption. He did admit to being involved in a plot to smuggle guns from the Philippines to the US. No charges were filed for that since it was never completed.

In the end Yee faced up to 8 years in prison for his charges, he pleaded with the judge and asked for leniency with a statement. ” I hope that in your sentencing of me you will look at my entire life and not just the crime I have committed. In the 67 years of my life I have lived to serve the community”.

“I don’t feel I should be lenient,” Senior District Court Judge Charles Breyer said at Wednesday’s hearing. “The crimes that you committed have resulted in essentially an attack on democratic institutions.”

The judged reduced Yee’s sentence from 8 years to 5 in a federal prison.

Isn’t it ironic that this gun grabbing liberal scumbag will go to prison for breaking the very laws he pushed for to take away our rights?

Patriots Beacon