• October 3, 2023

What Kamala Did During Her 9/11 Speech Is Absolutely Sickening!

Now I am more concerned about what is going to happen if Joe Biden will be removed from his office. I mean, it surely gonna happen after all the trouble he’s done with America. For sure Kamala will inherit the throne…

Recently, Vice-President Kamala Harris trashes Americans in her 9/11 speech, “Muslim Americans Were Targeted Because of How They Looked.”

After 20 years of the 9/11 attack by an Islamic terror that have killed nearly 3,000 Americans, Hillary Clinton, Biden, and Bush then followed by Kamala Harris who have trashed Americans in her 9/11 speech.

Vice President Kamala Harris warned that the tragedy of the Sept. 11 attacks had shown how “fear can be used to sow division,” and stressed that America’s diversity was its greatest asset.

Kamala Harris said, “If we do the hard work of working together as Americans if we remain united in purpose, we will be prepared for whatever comes next.”

“On this 20th anniversary, on this solemn day of remembrance, we must challenge ourselves to, yes, look back. For the sake of our children. For the sake of their children, and for that reason, we must also look forward. We must also look toward the future. Because in the end, that is what the 40 were fighting for: Their future. And ours.”

“On the days that followed Sept. 11, 2001, we were all reminded that unity is possible in America. We were reminded, too, that unity is imperative in America. It is essential to our shared prosperity, our national security, and to our standing in the world.” she added.

Mr. Bush said earlier that, “On America’s day of trial and grief, I saw millions of people instinctively grab for a neighbor’s hand and rally to the cause of one another, That is the America I know.”

The craziest part is that, not only Kamala Harris attacked the Americans but she also happened to make the Muslims play as the victims.

Kamala Harris just simply showed how the Biden Regime could make things worse.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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