• June 17, 2024

What Lauren Boebert Just Did Has Democrats VERY Rattled!

Leftist lawmakers couldn’t stand with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado’s stellar idea of making lawmakers should do their jobs because it is the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, many leftists have an issue with doing the job they were mandated to do.

Boebert proposed that Congress have five days to “read and consider bills.” Maybe the people of Colorado should consider someone new for the job.

Boebert said, “Members should have five days to read and consider all bills before voting on them.”

You’d think being an elected member of congress would involve a lot of reading, seeing as how the proposed bills often affect the people they serve directly, but you’d be absolutely wrong. The number of things lawmakers don’t read is pretty shocking. They just vote yes or no and call it a day.

Boebert didn’t ask for more, the Congresswoman from Colorado wants a fair time for the Members of Congress to read a bill before they pass it. But as a natural response from Democrats, these leftists are losing their minds over it in one breath and impugning the Congresswoman’s intelligence and capacity to do her job in the next.

In fact, it’s a problem that even New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) sees as an issue and spoke out about it after House Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern (D-MA) refused to hand out paper copies of the 5,593-page bill to pass the $1.4 trillion COVID relief bill.

“This is why Congress needs time to actually read this package before voting on it. Members of Congress have not read this bill. It’s over 5000 pages, arrived at 2pm today, and we are told to expect a vote on it in 2 hours,” she complained.

Here’s the shot:

Here’s what Boebert tweeted after releasing the video:

“Democrats being outraged that I’m pushing to force a five-day period for legislators to actually read legislation before they pass it tells you everything you need to know about how they think government should work. Know what’s in the bill BEFORE passing it. Pretty simple.”

And the chaser:


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Source: TheGatewayPundit

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