• June 24, 2024

What They Are Requiring To Purchase Gas Is Absolutely…..

It is disturbing to see what is happening in our country and the world.

The elites seem to be working overtime to crash the global economy so that the “Great Reset” can be ushered into existence.

That is the purpose behind the COVID-19 crisis, the supply chain issues, and of course, the soaring gas prices.

Those in power are exaggerating these issues to exert control over the people, which is being demonstrated in Sri Lanka.

The country of Sri Lanka, backed by the World Economic Forum, is now only allowing “essential drivers” to get gas.

To distinguish between nonessential and essential drivers, the military is now issuing digital QR codes to citizens who are allowed to purchase gas under the current fuel quota policies.

Currently, there’s a major fuel shortage in Sri Lanka, and on top of that, on July 11th, protesters stormed the President’s residence, which caused then-President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to resign.

Now the country has a new President, Ranil Wickremesinghe, who has vowed to make Sri Lanka a much more environmentally friendly place to live.

Look at the turmoil here:

Tim Cast had more details to add:

The government of Sri Lanka is enforcing fuel quotas with a QR code that is tied to the country’s national digital ID program.

To access a gas pump, Sri Lankans must now apply for an assigned to QR code, which will only be issued if the applicant is in compliance with the country’s fuel quota policies.

The quotas are being enforced by soldiers armed with what appear to be AK-47 rifles.

Kanchana Wijesekera, the country’s Minister of Power and Energy, posted a press release stating that strict enforcement will commence on Aug. 1.

“After initial technical issues, FuelPass QR system was successfuly [sic] tested today. Pilot project will continue before going national next week,” Wijesekera wrote on Twitter. “Last Digit Number plate Fuel Quota will ease the fuel lines in the next few days with distribution speeding up islandwide.”

Motor vehicles like cars and trucks aren’t the only types of machinery that will require a QR code to fuel.

“Divisional secretaries will be given access to the platform to register generators, gardening equipment & other equipment that requires fuel,” the press release stated. “Police Department and Divisional secretaries will be given access to register three wheelers, allocating each three wheeler to one specific fuel station.”

Sri Lanka — which has been plagued by severe economic woes — has struggled to pay for fuel imports. This spring, officials were forced to cut power for as long as four hours per day because power generating stations did not have enough fuel.

English News added these details:

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) on Monday announced that the rollout of the national fuel pass QR code system will be delayed.

It was earlier announced that gas stations around the country would start issuing fuel using the national fuel pass QR code system from Monday.

However, the ICTA said that the fuel pass will only be used in selected gas stations.

Director of the ICTA Dasun Hegoda said the system will be implemented nationwide after a few days.

“Right now, the pilot project was only held in Colombo. Now we will implement it in selected gas stations in all 25 districts,” he said.

The fuel pass was introduced to ensure a weekly fuel quota for motorists given that Sri Lanka is unable to import fuel in adequate quantities, said Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera.

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