• May 27, 2024

What They Forced Small Children To Watch During Racism Training Is Beyond Sickening!

An elementary school in San Antonio, Texas reportedly segregated their students by hair color and showed a Spike Lee documentary during a lesson on racial discrimination.

The parents were outraged to know and said that though they want their children to learn about racism and civil rights but feel Northside ISD went too far with the segregation experiment and by making children watch a documentary, it admits was not age-appropriate.

A mother of a ten-year-old girl Brandi Lininger said “The dark-haired kids, the brown- and black-haired kids, were treated as the privileged ones and the blonde-haired and the redhead kids were the ones treated not so nicely.”

According to Brandi who reported the incident, the teacher told the dark-haired students that they were more “privileged”, and told the fair-haired students that they were “not as intelligent” as the dark-haired kids. The group with fair hair was also given a game with missing pieces so they were unable to play.

She said, “She was hurt, her friends, and she named to the principal and to district officials, names of her friends that were crying.”

Fifth graders were also shown a Spike Lee documentary called “4 Little Girls” about the 1963 bombing of an Alabama church. The film includes graphic autopsy photos of the girls’ bodies.

Though the teacher had fast-forwarded the past those parts, Brandi says the children in their daughter’s class did see the photos.

 “The things that she said that she skipped over, my daughter was able to describe to us to a ‘T.’ So that night our daughter was unable to go to sleep in our own room, she was scared,” Mike Lininger said.

The Liningers said they weren’t notified of the lesson beforehand.

“They send us notes and newsletters about everything else,” Brandi Lininger said. “Your child is going to see ‘The Polar Express,’ and it’s pajama day on Friday before winter break, and we get no notice that they’re going to do a social experiment on segregation.”

Though the Northside ISD declined for an interview, they provided a statement and said:

“The activity and video in question were part of a larger fifth-grade project-based lesson around the inequity of segregation . . . While the campus did receive positive feedback from several parents . . . District and campus administration recognize the parent’s concerns and agree that the activity and video are not age-appropriate and will not be used again.”

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, Fox News, ABC7, News 4 Antonio

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