• September 25, 2022

What Trump Supporters Did After ‘The Raid’ Will Make Your Heart Soar!

On August 8th, the disgraced and politicized FBI raided President Trump’s private home in Mar-a-Lago. According to reports, they were looking for “classified documents” he supposedly took from the White House when he left. President Trump was in New York at Trump Tower when the raid occurred. This is just a continuation of the witch hunt that’s been going on against President Trump for the past six years. They are terrified that he will run again and are doing everything they can to ensure that doesn’t happen.

After the raid, Trump supporters jumped in their cars and headed to Mar-a-Lago to show their support for President Trump. Fox News reported that the protestors traveled to Palm Beach, Florida after the former president released a statement about the raid. Sources close to the matter told Fox News that the DOJ was investigating whether Trump had illegally taken classified documents to his private residence.

Fox News Digital’s Matt Leach spoke to several supporters who disapproved of the raid. J.D. Kennon had traveled across Florida to show support for the former president.

As soon as I saw it, I drove here from Tampa. This is nuts,” Kennon said. “We all know what you’re trying to do, DOJ. You’re trying to create some kind of charge, so he will not be able to run for re-election.”

Another Trump supporter, Mike Baffumo, expressed similar misgivings about the Justice Department.”They’re going to do anything they can to get him. They’re terrified of him,” Baffumo said. “And it’s not because of any other reason than the policies that he supports: America First policies.”

You can watch the videos below:


These are dark, dark days. But what we’re watching right now is the swamp doing everything it can to protect itself from the only man in “politics” the American people should trust: President Trump. If they hate and fear him this much, he is definitely doing everything right… and that’s never been clearer than it is now.


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