• June 17, 2024

Who Will Be Commanding 87k New IRS Agents Will Make You…

Joe Biden could have increased our border patrol and finished President Trump’s wall to stop all the drugs and human trafficking from pouring over. He could have opened trade schools on the corner of every liberal sh*thole city and given black Americans a real chance at “hope and change,” but he didn’t do any of that.

Instead, Joe Biden took billions and expanded the IRS. That’s right, the one government office that MOST Americans, despite their political ranking, can agree should be smaller and have less power. Joe expanded to be bigger than the US Marines and probably equally as powerful.

Most of you remember what it was like dealing with the IRS in the Obama era when they were “targeting” Tea Party patriots.

A whole crew of IRS officials were called out for targeting and ultimately destroying the Tea Party, and you won’t believe who will now head up the hiring of all those new agents.

PJ Media reported:

Nikole Flax worked under Lois Lerner in the Obama administration IRS while the agency infamously targeted conservative political organizations such as the Tea Party by slow-walking and suppressing their tax-exempt applications. She was also one of seven executives whose hard drives mysteriously self-destructed, preventing House investigators from viewing her emails. Now, the career IRS executive has been tapped to establish a new, centralized office in charge of implementing the Democrats’ latest tax and spending bill, including oversight of the 87,000 new IRS agents the bill authorizes.

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig sent an agency-wide email on Aug. 19, writing, “This is a historic time for the IRS, and we are working to move quickly to begin work on the Inflation Reduction Act signed into law earlier this week.”

He then announced the new department: “A key part of our efforts will be the creation of a new, centralized office for implementation of all IRS-related provisions. Building off our successes implementing other major legislative bills, the IRA 2022 Transformation & Implementation Office will work across the IRS and oversee our implementation efforts.”

Rettig revealed that Nikole Flax, current deputy commissioner in charge of the Large Business & International Division, would be tasked with building the new centralized office.

“We have a unique, once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the IRS in a way to help taxpayers and fundamentally improve our tax administration work that is vital to the success of our country,” Rettig’s email quoted Flax as saying. “This is an exciting opportunity, and we will be moving quickly with our work.”

This move coincides with Joe Biden demonizing MAGA and calling Trump voters “semi-fascist.” It’s the same way Obama and his team demonized the Tea Party. Interesting how it always seems like the IRS becomes part of the “battle” when Dems are taking on powerful conservative movements.


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