• June 17, 2024

Whoa….AOC Went To One Of Her Rallies And Got Driven Right Off The Stage…

Has anyone checked on AOC lately?..

Videos have been flooding social media lately showing her constituents turning on her in a big way.

At a recent town hall in Queens on Wednesday evening, she may have finally broken.

The small crowd she garnered shouted at her for most of the event.

Being the child that she is, AOC simply shouted back at them.

It got weird…


At one point she awkwardly danced while the crowd yelled at her.

Words don’t do it justice.

Just watch this:

Wow, that was …something.

The Gateway Pundit reported on AOC’s meltdown:

At AOC’s latest Town Hall in Queens on Wednesday night, a large group of New Yorkers started to chant “AOC has got to”.

As the chants continued, AOC awkwardly tried to dance to the chants but the chants just kept on coming.


Not the Bee took a shot at the embarrassing moment:

These people really hate their congresswoman. Hate her because she was supposed to be a grassroots progressive who was going to “knock down the house,” and it turns out she’s just a sellout like everybody else.

These people are fed up, and they made their voices heard last night.

If there was a singular moment when AOC completely broke, it was when she danced to the tune of the crowd booing her:

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