• June 24, 2024

Whoa, Biden’s Got Something Contagious. Another Top Democrat Showing Serious Mental Decline…

The condition — known outside of high-level politics as “severe mental decline” — was first spotted on the presidential campaign trail in 2019, when Joe Biden, then best known for being a former vice president and serial fabulist, routinely gaffed in ways no man who wanted to occupy the Oval Office had ever gaffed before.

This didn’t dissuade the Democrats from handing him the baton, even when stuff like this would routinely drop out of his wrinkled maw:

Now that Biden is president, things are getting worse — and not just for him, but his entire party.

In Pennsylvania, Democrats still got behind now-Sen.-elect John Fetterman, a man who was propped up by his campaign staff despite the fact a stroke he suffered just before the party primary left him unable to convey a single thought on the campaign trail without substantial difficulty. That didn’t bother leftists any, so long as they got the seat.

Now, one of the party’s most powerful senators is forgetting whether she’s running to be third in line for the presidency. Wonderful.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein was asked on Tuesday by a reporter on Capitol Hill whether she would take over the role of president pro tempore of the Senate. The role is traditionally held by the longest-serving member of the majority party and is third in succession to the Oval Office, behind the vice president and speaker of the House.

Feinstein, 89, told the journalist for Insider that she needed some time to consider whether she would take over the mantle of the retiring Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

“Well, I haven’t thought about it, but I’ll let you know when I do,” said Feinstein. “I just got back. I’ve had a lot of issues.”

Unfortunately, her answer became one more issue on top of all of the others — since, it turns out, she’d already said she wasn’t going to run for president pro tempore.

Insiders reported that an aide walking with Feinstein said the senator had “told a few reporters in the past that she’s not thought about it, and has no intention of seeking the position.”

Here’s how the publication reported the conversation:

“That’s what you’ve told reporters,” the aide said to Feinstein.

“I don’t know what you’re saying,” Feinstein responded.

“This is about the Senate pro tem position,” the aide said.

“Well, I haven’t said anything about it, that I know of,” she insisted.

“You were asked about it over the break, and you put out a statement saying that you had no intention of running for it,” he said.

“OK, well then, I guess it’s out,” she said.

Comforting, isn’t it?

Indeed, Feinstein had given a statement to The Washington Post in October indicating she didn’t want to seek the position.

“I’ve never thought about being the president pro tempore and I have no interest in it at this time,” Feinstein said.

To be fair, while this is Feinstein’s most public airing of her Democrat-itis, insiders have said the mental decline has been on display for some time now.

In a 2020 New Yorker piece, anonymous Democratic sources were quoted as saying that Feinstein, then 87, was “seriously struggling.”

“They say her short-term memory has grown so poor that she often forgets she has been briefed on a topic, accusing her staff of failing to do so just after they have,” the magazine reported.

“They describe Feinstein as forgetting what she has said and getting upset when she can’t keep up.”

“She should have gone out on top in 2018,” a former Feinstein aide told the publication. “We only have 100 senators. I don’t think she should be there. Someone should have told her.”

According to a January 2021 report in the San Francisco-based website SFGate, Feinstein has already filed paperwork to run for Senate again in 2024. She’ll be 91 then.

Of course, given how her party rolls, maybe she’ll be running for president, instead. If Biden could take the White House in 2020 and Fetterman took a Senate seat in 2022, it seems like a natural progression. Maybe Jimmy Carter as her running mate? He’ll be a pretty sharp (by Democrat standards, at least) 100 years old when November 2024 comes around.

Sound absurd? So do the words “President Biden”, “Sen. Feinstein” or “Sen.-elect Fetterman”. While the Democrats keep making noises about “crazy” Republicans, they continue electing men and women who barely seem to know the office they’re in and/or running for.

It’d all be grimly funny in a pathetic way if it weren’t so serious.

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