• April 13, 2024

WHOA: The Ron DeSantis Secret Tie To Disney Has Been EXPOSED…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently criticized Disney for allegedly pushing the LGBTQ agenda on young and impressionable children, and passed legislation to create a new district that supposedly strips Disney of some of its power.

However, despite the hype around the new legislation that supposedly stripped Disney of its power, the company is unlikely to be affected in any real way. The legislation leaves almost all of Disney’s powers intact and the practical effect of the change will be negligible. The move appears to be more of a publicity stunt than anything else.

While DeSantis is positioning himself as a conservative hero, his actions seem to be more about grandstanding than making real change. The legislation does little to affect Disney, but it does give DeSantis and future governors broad powers to make life difficult for the company if they choose to exercise them. However, critics argue that the legislation essentially puts Disney in a low-security prison, where the company can do what it wants but must operate within the constraints of the governor’s demands.

The battle between DeSantis and Disney has a strong PR feel to it, and recent revelations about the governor’s personal connection to the company may shed light on why.

DeSantis and his wife got married at one of the most expensive properties at Disney World, “The Grand Floridian,” and he only recently opened up about it in an interview with his wife. This revelation has raised questions about the governor’s motives for going after Disney, and why he didn’t mention his personal ties to the company at the time of the “battle.”

Some critics have suggested that DeSantis is not a trustworthy politician, as he is currently building a team to challenge former President Trump, who had helped him in the past. The whole situation has been described as smarmy and political, with DeSantis using smoke and mirrors to create the appearance of a battle with Disney that was not as significant as it seemed.

Sources: WayneDupree, Vanity Fair, Business Insider




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