• June 20, 2024

Woman Shares Powerful Story of What Donald Trump Did 30 Years Ago When Her Dad Took His Own Life

In 1986, Lenard Dozier Hill, a South Carolina farmer, took his own life just before his farm was about to go to a courthouse auction.

He hoped the money from his life insurance policy would save the cotton and soybean farm that had been been in his family for a hundred years. But because his death was a suicide, his insurance couldn’t cover the foreclosure.

That’s when Donald Trump stepped in, called the auction house, and agreed to put up the finances to save the farm, and ultimately Annabelle Hill, the surviving widow.

Nearly 30 years later, Lenard and Annabelle’s daughter, Betsy Sharp, has come forward with the whole story of Trump’s gracious efforts that saved her struggling family.

At a recently rally, Sharp had this to say about Trump:

“And he saw the story and he couldn’t believe that the bank was forcing my father to go to that depth.”

“…he reached out to help save it.”

She added:

“What I want you all to know is how kindhearted and caring he is. He cares about America. He cares about farmers. He cares about veterans. He truly wants to make America great again, and I think if we help him, we can get there.”

“Today my brother lives on the farm and he has one of his daughters, they have built a house. But if it wasn’t for his generosity, his kind heart – he didn’t know us from Burke County at all.”

At the same rally, Trump remembered Annabelle Hill fondly, and said she was “a great woman, and passed away, but passed away happy.”

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