• April 17, 2024

Homeless Woman Leaves Her Baby Partially Submerged In A Subway Restaurant TOILET

This is the homeless woman accused of leaving her newborn partially submerged in a Subway toilet after spending just 10 minutes giving birth inside the sandwich chain in West Covina, California.

Mary Grace Trinidad, 38, who was found 500 yards away at a local Pep Boys car repair, has been charged with attempted murder and child abandonment.

The baby boy was partially submerged, with the umbilical cord hanging from the toilet, police spokesperson Rudy Lopez said. He also said the placenta was found in the trash.

Newly released surveillance footage shows Trinidad took just 10 minutes to give birth- and filled up on a beverage before heading inside the bathroom.

She can be seen entering the Subway at 8.07am on Monday, wearing a pink dress and carrying a purse.

She approaches the counter, gets a cup from an employee, and fills it up with a beverage before she enters the bathroom.

She re-emerges at 8.17am, and a concerned employee follows her out to the door.

A customer hears the newborn crying just moments after she left and alerts an employee who finds the baby in the bathroom.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they removed the newborn, who was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit at Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

Turns out she wasn’t all that hard to find…

About twenty minutes later, they followed the trail of blood she left behind for about 500 yards, and found Trinidad at a Pep Boys car repair, located about 20 miles outside of Los Angeles.

She was arrested and taken to the same hospital as her baby for pregnancy-related issues. As of Tuesday, she is still hospitalized.

Trinidad was wanted for a previous narcotics charge, according to police. They said bail will be set at $2million.

The baby was in critical condition on Monday. It was unclear whether the baby was premature, and its current

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