• July 18, 2024

WOW! Thousands of Churches Are Preparing THIS Massive Move to Make Trump President!

Christians all across this nation have come out to support Donald Trump, because he is a Christian man who believes in scripture. Now, many churches are making a massive move to help elect Donald Trump.

In some swing states, thousands of churches are airing a video featuring Governor Mike Pence in a call to elect Donald Trump! Pence says Trump supports the sanctity of life and religious liberties as afforded by the Constitution, as per BizPac Review.

Pence has called himself a lifelong believer who embraces his Christian faith and draws from it in everything he does.

He says that he became a Christian in college, and since then this faith “has been tested, relied on, more times than I could possibly count.”

Pence has also discussed that he and Trump share a desire to repeal the Johnson Amendment: a law that prevents churches from participating in political advocacy, for fear they will lose their tax-exempt status.

Churches should be able, at the very least, to play a video of someone else promoting a candidate without fear of being punished. Especially when this candidate expresses views they feel are important to the church.

The first amendment endows us with free speech and Churches should also enjoy that constitutional freedom, just as any other organization does.

The Vice Presidential candidate is calling all members of the faith to pray for this country in this crucial election.

The Constitution was founded on Christian principles such as, that every person is endowed by their creator with inalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you look on the top of the Washington monument, you will find the words “Laos Deo” which means praise God. Many of the Founding Fathers were Christian themselves. This is why Christianity and expression of religious freedom was protected in the very first amendment to the Constitution.

But Hillary and the left want a society where Christians need to hide their faith and keep quiet when it comes to politics and voting.

This is why it is important for Christians everywhere to follow Pence’s call to support the candidate that stands for religious liberty and who protect the sanctity of life, Trump!

If Hillary Clinton is elected, we all know this country is going to need a lot of prayer.


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