• June 17, 2024

Yet Another Horrible Toxic Spill Has Taken Place And Nobody Has…

What is going on in this country right now?

It quite literally feels like we’re collapsing.

Is the rapture imminent? It sounds funny, but I’m only half-joking because “locusts” are on their way. I can honestly say that in my entire life, I have never seen this country in such disarray, with so many “nightmares” unfolding at the same time. And it only goes to show how bad our phony “leadership” is.

For the time being, let us ignore the UFO invasion and focus on the environmental disaster unfolding in Ohio. This could be one of the worst environmental disasters in the history of the United States, and liberals don’t seem to care.

These are the same people who are enraged that you use a gas stove, but when toxic chemicals are released all over the place, they just shrug and say something about Donald Trump.

If you thought the situation in Ohio was bad, sit down because we’ve got another toxic mess on our hands.

It’s in Arizona this time.

Slay News reported:

A “shelter in place” warning is in effect near Tuscon, Arizona after a truck overturned and spilled a load of toxic chemicals.

According to the Pima County Office of Emergency Management and Tucson Fire, the truck was carrying nitric acid.

Everyone in the area was advised to turn off heaters, air conditioning units, and any other equipment that would bring outside air in.

Authorities say the truck flipped onto its side in the median.

In the video below you can see the ruck and the cloud of toxic smoke billowing out.

The Arizona Department of Transportation closed the highway, saying:

“I-10 is closed in both directions near milepost 272 (Kolb Road) near Tucson, due to a crash.

“The Kolb Road on-ramp from eastbound I-10 is also closed.

“All eastbound traffic must exit at or before Kolb Road; westbound traffic must exit at or before Houghton Road.


So, while this going on, where is Mayor Pete?

Is he still chest-feeding?

That moron needs to be fired.


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