• July 12, 2024

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!: Two Grannies, One Lambo

Right up there with the Ferrari, the Lamborghini is the most well-known and well-regarded “super-car” on Earth. It is a status symbol, and to many a symbol of masculinity. We associate these cars with wealthy young entrepreneurs and gorgeous, talented celebrities and athletes. That’s why the people who climb out of this brand new Lambo surprised me just a little!

Two grandmas, Peggy and Audrey, got a chance to drive the $200,000 Lamborghini, driving through bustling city streets. Frankly, I’m super jealous! But imagine the looks they got when they pulled up to a light and rolled the windows down. Have you ever seen a 75-year old woman driving a sports car capable of doing 200 mph?

The funniest part is when the ladies can’t figure out where the trunk is in this thing (these cars generally have the engine in the back, and the storage place is often under the hood). Audrey even flirts with a young gentleman who asks if there’s room in there for one more! This video is too good not to share, it made me laugh out loud.


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