• June 15, 2024

Is This Hoverboard REAL? See For Yourself.

The following makes Back to the Future II‘s hoverboard look like a sad joke.

In “New hoverboard video is so amazing we don’t care if it’s fake,” BGR’s Yoni Heisler wonders like many are if the following video could possibly be real.

The “Flyboard Air,” which has a top speed of 93 mph at up to 10,000 feet for ten minutes, is made by Zapata Racing.

The video is undoubtedly incredible, but sad to say that there’s no way that this can be real, right? I mean, the laws of physics simply won’t allow it! After all, how is it earthly possible that a contraption that small could provide that much thrust while simultaneously allowing the rider to maintain his balance so smoothly. Clearly, something just doesn’t add up.


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