• July 18, 2024

5 White Kids Cops Killed Who You Probably Heard Nothing About

The Black Lives Matter movement and the mainstream  media are pushing the idea that black people are being systematically slaughtered by cops, while white people killed by cops go unnoticed, according to reports.

Tracking of people killed by police officers finds that 395 white people were killed by cops, compared to 198 black people killed by cops, so far in 2016, reports The Guardian.

More often than not, the media and the Black Lives Matter movement stay silent when a white person loses his life to a cop.

Here are five white people killed by police officers that you probably haven’t heard about:

1.) Christian Bowman

Jackson County, Miss. police officers shot Christian Bowman, an Army veteran. Bowman died at the scene, after receiving a gunshot wound to the chest.

A deputy went to check out a hotel room at a Ramada Inn after receiving a tip from another investigation that was looking into an unpaid taxi fare at the hotel.

The deputy shot Bowman, alleging that Bowman became “aggressive combative toward” him. Police alleged that the deputy had to call for backup in order to “subdue” Bowman.
Accounts of the incident vary by source. A witness who was supposedly in the room at the same time told Bowman’s mother that the officers “brutally” beat her son, saying that they “pistol whipped” and punched him.

2.) Dion Damon

Denver police shot 40-year-old Dion Damon, a robbery suspect, as they tried to serve him with an arrest warrant.

Police found a car that was linked to Damon and they began surveillance of it. During their surveillance, officers saw a woman and child get into the car with Damon.

Officers followed the vehicle until it finally parked, making sure the woman and child exited the vehicle before approaching the car. Officers surrounded the vehicle and allege that Damon tried to back up the car.

Police say that Damon refused multiple requests to come out of the car; an officer who was standing in front of Damon’s car shot Damon after claiming to see him make a “threatening-type maneuver.” He believed Damon carried a gun and fired seven shots at Damon.

Damon was pronounced dead at the scene.

3.) Joshua Grubb

Joshua Grubb was shot after police claimed that he tried to flee from an officer responding to a call about public intoxication.

The officer saw a vehicle that mirrored the description given to the 911 center at a gas station, and went up to contact those near the vehicle. One of them, Brandon Taylor, was handcuffed while trying to fill the car with gas. The other, Grubb, drove off in the truck while Taylor was being arrested.

The officer then jumped into the truck’s bed and gave repeated orders for Grubb to stop the truck. Grubb refused and the officer fired into the truck, killing Grubb.

4.) Brandon Stanley

Brandon Stanley was shot by Officer Bobby Joe Smith as he tried to serve a warrant on Stanley. When Smith learned that Stanley was at the A&B Market, he entered the store.

Stanley had previously fled when Smith tried to serve him with a warrant a couple of days before.

Smith entered the store and shot Stanley twice, according to reports. One bullet hit Stanley in the chest.

Smith was later indicted on second degree manslaughter charges.

5.) Abraham Mitchell Fryer

Abraham Mitchell Fryer was shot by Deputy Robert Schoeberl during a traffic stop.

The two men struggled and Schoeberl said he fired multiple shots.

Fryer had multiple warrants out: one for a revoked supervised release, one for unauthorized possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, and one for unauthorized possession of a controlled drug or substance, as well as possession of marijuana.


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