• June 19, 2024

WHAT’S WRONG WITH BILL?! This Video PROVES That There is Something Very Wrong With Bill Clinton!

Oh wow! No wonder Hillary Clinton has not let her husband Bill Clinton out of the house much this campaign even though he is a former president.

In an exclusive video from Daily Mail, it becomes very clear that Bill has become SENILE in recent years.

Obama is stuck waiting on the Tarmac in Israel as Bill Clinton ignores his repeated calls to leave for nearly 5 minutes! Obama was clearly getting angry with the former president and his attitude worsens.

***That’s when Obama finally breaks and talks to Clinton like one would talk to a child. He said, “Come on now, Bill, I’ll take you home.”

Finally, Old Bill comes skipping up the stairs to give Obama a high-five. Weird, right? (H/T-Daily Mail)


So Hillary Clinton can pitch her husband’s endorsement and experience and everything else as much as she wants. In the end, Bill is just a horny old man who will be a huge weight on the White House.

Now let’s show this very real health problem to the entire world so they can see the one Truth Hillary and Bill want to hide more than anything else…THEY ARE BOTH SUFFERING FROM THEIR AGE!

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