• June 19, 2024

ANTI-AMERICAN HILLARY Vows To ‘Stop The Raids And Roundups’ of Illegal Immigrants

Hillary Clinton vows she would dramatically reduce the deportation of illegal immigrants if elected president, and expand President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.

“We’re going to end family detention, close private detention facilities, and stop the raids and roundups,” she said during a speech at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington D.C.

Clinton vowed to defend Obama’s two executive amnesty programs DAPA and DACA, and promised to expand it if elected president. DACA gives amnesty for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children and DACA gives amnesty for their parents. But Clinton touted additional cases where she would unilaterally give illegal immigrants legalization.

“We need a simple, straightforward system where other people with sympathetic cases who are contributing to their communities can make their case and be eligible for deferred action too,” she said. “Like people who experience and report extreme labor abuses.”

She promised to seek amnesty for illegal immigrants in her first 100 days as president, assuring the audience that Republicans would be willing to join her after her rival Donald Trump was defeated.

“On my first day in office I will reach out to Republicans and say, this is your chance to help millions of families and show that your party, the party of Lincoln, is better than Donald Trump,” she said.

During her speech, Hillary Clinton made zero mention of deporting violent criminals who were also illegal, but blasted Donald Trump for referring to some illegal immigrants as rapists.

“We need to stop him conclusively in November in an election that sends a message that even he can hear,” she said.


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