• August 9, 2022

Trump’s Teleprompter Dies – His Next Move Leaves Audience In Hysterics…THIS IS GREAT!

President Barack Obama, who three months ago turned into a tongue-tied mess when his teleprompter suddenly failed at a rally for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, might want to take some notes from GOP nominee Donald Trump.

When Trump’s teleprompter failed during an economic policy speech Thursday at The Economic Club of New York, he handled it like a champ.

“We’re having a lot of fun on the campaign and on the trail,” he suddenly remarked, pivoting away from economics. “I just wanted to say that — and it’s always a lot of fun when you come up and the people don’t have the teleprompter working, but that’s OK.”

The audience reportedly broke out into laughter. A couple minutes later, as the GOP candidate was touting his plans to lead America to an economic resurgence, something suddenly dawned on him.

“We’re looking at an economy now of no growth and redistribution of wealth,” he said. “And that’s not going to work. Everything that is broken today can be fixed. And every failure can be turned into a truly great success. Just look at the way I just melded into the teleprompter that just went off.”

“Who else could have pulled that off, OK?” he then asked. “Who else?”

Apparently not Barack Obama, who has never managed to pull off something like this:

This unexpected event illustrated one huge difference between President Obama and Donald Trump. Whenever things have fallen apart, Obama has exacerbated the problem with his foolish statements. Take for instance his response to the Ferguson riots two years ago.

When things break down for Trump, on the other hand, he always seems ready for the challenge. In fact, he almost seems … presidential.


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