• June 17, 2024

BAD MOVE, LADY! Loretta Lynch Gets DEVASTATING News After Obstructing Hillary Investigation

Hillary never expected that the FBI would reopen the investigation into her private email server. Well, your friends can no longer cover you up, Hillary, cause justice always finds its way out. It’s a fact that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the DOJ spent every atom of their power to protect Hillary.

This wasn’t the smartest thing they could do. Protecting a criminal means accepting the same charge and accusations. That’s what happened to Lynch. Her loyalty to Hillary got her in big trouble.

Via Political Reviewer

National Review reported that Lynch’s Justice Department:

refused to authorize use of the grand jury to further the Clinton e-mails investigation, thus depriving the FBI of the power to compel testimony and the production of evidence by subpoena;

consulted closely with defense attorneys representing subjects of the investigation;

permitted Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson — the subordinates deputized by Mrs. Clinton to sort through her e-mails and destroy thousands of them — to represent Clinton as attorneys, despite the fact that they were subjects of the same investigation and had been granted immunity from prosecution (to say nothing of the ethical and legal prohibitions against such an arrangement);

drastically restricted the FBI’s questioning of Mills and other subjects of the investigation; and

struck the outrageous deals that gave Mills and Samuelson immunity from prosecution in exchange for providing the FBI with the laptops on which they reviewed Clinton’s four years of e-mails. That arrangement was outrageous for three reasons: 1) Mills and Samuelson should have been compelled to produce the computers by grand-jury subpoena with no immunity agreement; 2) Lynch’s Justice Department drastically restricted the FBI’s authority to examine the computers; and 3) Lynch’s Justice Department agreed that the FBI would destroy the computers following its very limited examination.

People are angry, cause we’ve been betrayed by someone who was supposed to protect us, and defend ouR interests. Take Loretta Lynch off her position, and put her in the same cell with Hillary. They sure have a lot to talk about.

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