• May 27, 2024

REJOICE! Trump Just Landed one of the BEST Military Endorsements IN THE WORLD!!

When Donald Trump says that soldiers support him, he is NOT KIDDING! Apparently, it’s not just American soldiers jumping on the Trump Train either.

Now legendary British general Army Lord Richards has stepped forward, and he is not just excited about Donald Trump, he thinks Trump is EXACTLY who the world needs right now!


You see, Army Lord Richards has a few key areas where he REALLY disagrees with Hillary Clinton…

  • The Islamic State is the biggest threat to Democracy, not Russia

  • We SHOULD be working with Putin to defeat ISIS and radical Islam

  • Hillary Clinton’s “no-fly zone” in Syria is the biggest potential starter of WW3 in existence

  • The ONLY way to beat ISIS is to work with Syria and deal with them after, not continue arming more militant groups

So, to give you the short and skinny of it, Lord Richards finds that Hillary Clinton is the BIGGEST threat to the security of the entire world.

Hell, from the looks of it, she may be EVEN WORSE THAN ISIS!


So thank you, Army Lord Richards, for having the balls to step forward and endorse Donald Trump publicly. Also, I think every needs to hear your assessment of Hillary. It really is an eye opener.

Now help Lord Richards get his VERY important word out there by sharing this with every single voting American you know!!


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