• September 26, 2023

Biden Preparing To Lock Down ANYONE Coming to The United States!

The vaccines give us all hope that these manipulative mandates will soon be over, but wait, the Biden regime doesn’t like the idea of being free, so they will find another way to mess with our lives, again.

The world was alarmed after the World Health Organization announced that a new variant, Omicron that is reportedly more dangerous and immune to these vaccines. Wish granted for the Biden regime, so they can come up with another reason to lock us up.

The new variants may lead to a massive lockdown according to The Washington Post reports, and Americans reentering the country (even if they are vaccinated) to be subject to more testing and quarantine protocols.

Travelers to the US will have to be tested for COVID one day before their flight. There is additional reporting that Biden will force people to get tested again 3-5 days after entering/returning to the US.

The Biden administration just made things more complicated.

Peter Doocy from Fox News just questioned the regulation:

“There are a lot of questions. How do you enforce that? Do you send somebody to the door of somebody that just came back from overseas, regardless of vaccination status or testing status, to make sure that they are home?”

He makes sense, that’s another expense where in fact they claim that these expensive vaccines are so great that could make you safe from the COVID virus.


And even Glenn Greenwald of Fox News who is an American journalist and lawyer who lives abroad is dismantled with the new regulation. Great!

“It is hard to express, or put into words, how divorced the discourse around COVID is in the United States from the science that we were all supposed to follow, If you have a negative test, if you’re vaccinated, what conceivable justification is there for even considering such a grave deprivation of liberty as forcing you for 7 days to lose the core freedom of movement over a virus that we’re told there’s an effective vaccine for?” Greenwald said.

“I feel like we’re being trained to simply accept the assertion of any authority in the name of safety without even questioning it any longer,” he said.

Watch it here:

We are all screwed. From low supplies, now stricter mandates. Sucks!

And recently, CDC just demanded all contact information of travelers from the last 2 weeks. Another manipulation.

Sources: 100% FedUp, The Washington Post

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