• May 27, 2024

How The Liberals Snuck Billions To Illegal Aliens Will Make You Sick!

Biden’s regime is getting worst with their decision-making, and this new hidden agenda they have been cooking will surely make you feel anxious to think about it.

How Joe Biden handles the border crisis is totally out of touch from the American people who were greatly affected by the border crisis, and this recent scandalous billion of dollars of American taxes given freely to these illegal aliens is making me sick.

Yes, you heard it right BILLIONS!

A whopping $1.6 billion worth of emergency funding was administered by the Biden administration to address the rising problem of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border illegally.

Rob Law of Center for Immigration Studies’ director of regulatory relations and policy confirmed that the $1.6 billion funding was hidden in legislative wording. What a crook!

It was stated that the funding is set to be allocated to an account designated and for the activities specified in section 141 of this Act.

And because of that, Congress recently forced to push $4.1 billion to HHS in less than two months to accommodate the influx of unaccompanied illegal immigrant adolescents. How are we spending money on illegal immigrants who violated our laws? This is not only making them feel special but we are only attracting more aliens.

For the record, HHS had over 22,000 UACs in its shelters last spring at one point.

Only about 11,000 people were left by the end of the month. However, it has since risen sharply, and as of Wednesday, it was hovering around the 13,000 mark and every day we are getting reports that hundreds of Unaccompanied Alien Children arrive.

And according to former USCIS official Michael Law, $1.6 billion for the undocumented aliens in a form of rewards are being given to HHS, and the Obama administration enticed them to enter the country illegally instead of providing CBP with the resources they require.

Additionally, $7 billion was allocated to the Biden administration to bring in additional Afghan refugees and to process, release and care for the approximately 70,000 refugees who have already arrived in the United States.

Our country just went from the coolest to the lamest in one shot.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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