• May 21, 2024

Cops Find Strange Item Hidden Inside Muslim’s Burqa, Then THIS Happened 2 Blocks Away

A trio of Obama’s Muslims were caught on tape shoplifting from a store by grabbing items and sticking them under their burqas. On top of that, 2 of the women were busted selling their EBT cards just 2 blocks away!

Bleeding heart liberals claim that these burqas and head coverings are only for ‘religious purposes’ but this video clearly shows that they can be used for committing theft.

The video reportedly comes out of Lincoln Park, Michigan , just outside of Dearborn.

As you can see, a person could hide just about anything under those things.

They stole food and turned around and sold their EBT cards. Scandalous.

It’s time to BAN THE BURQA! Frankly, it’s time to ban these people altogether.

Meanwhile Obama wants to import hundreds of thousands into the United States- WHY?

I think we all know the answer.

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