• May 27, 2024

Curvy Model TAKES CLOTHES OFF on NYC Train to Protest ‘Body Shaming’…And We Are NOT Complaining [VIDEO]

A size 14, curvy model decided she wanted to make a statement on a New York subway train. So she started taking off her clothes. I don’t think she took them all off, she just went down to her underwear. She was trying to make the point that you don’t have to be skin and bones to be beautiful and I agree. But taking your clothes off on a subway? That’s just nuts. She’s lucky there were no gangs or Islamists around her… things could have gone very, very wrong.

She’s a beautiful model and she’s an activist who travels between London and New York. She wanted to prove she was vulnerable. Well, she did that as I stated before. People were embarrassed for her and didn’t know where to look. But in the end, they did give her a round of applause. I guess that almost passes for normalcy in New York.


From the Daily Mail:

Model and activist Iskra Lawrence left commuters on a New York subway train more than a little surprised after she interrupted a journey… to strip off.

The curvaceous beauty, 26, took off her dress to deliver a powerful speech about body shaming, leaving those close by not knowing quite where to look.

And after the model had passionately implored them to ‘celebrate difference’, they gathered themselves long enough to break out in applause.

The British model, who divides her time between the Big Apple and London, began her soul-stirring delivery only to be interrupted by an announcement on the train.

Looking a little flustered Lawrence, who has 2.8million followers on Instagram, started again, telling those on the train: ‘This is bad timing!’

Wearing a black dress, she then launched into her speech, telling those around her she wanted to ‘make herself vulnerable’ to show how far she’d come on her ‘journey’ of self-acceptance.

You know, you don’t have to take your clothes off to make your point. In fact, no one should. It’s an attention-getter, but it’s loony and downright dangerous. We can celebrate each other’s differences and still not get arrested for it if done right.

Her video on this of course went viral and that may have been the point all along. Any publicity is good publicity they say. Calling her body a ‘vessel’, Lawrence revealed how she grew up ‘hating’ herself because she didn’t fit to the ‘small standards of beauty’ put on society by the media. We get it… yes, we do. But frankly, I’m bored with the whole body-shaming shtick. I guess it’s trendy for hipsters… but it’s just stupid for the rest of us.





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