• April 17, 2024

Mike Rowe SCHOOLS Liberals Who Say Trump Won Because of Racism

We’ve heard it all already: the only reason Donald Trump won was because of racism!

It’s an argument you can only make if you completely ignore the evidence from this election. Despite all we heard about how Trump had alienated women and Hispanics (among many other groups), Trump still got the majority of white women voters, and nearly 30 percent of Hispanics. He garnered nearly twice as large a share of the black vote as Mitt Romney.

And yet the narrative continues, because to liberals, narrative is more important than facts. But that’s total nonsense, and Mike Rowe just gave a liberal who argued otherwise a dose of reality. The liberal, Gillian Branstetter had written an article addressed to Rowe arguing that people citing economic reasons for voting Trump were merely covering up their racism. Here’s Rowe’s awesome response:

I believe a solid work ethic and a measure of ambition are essential ingredients to success, and readily available to anyone. Obviously, the desire to succeed and the willingness to work hard are not enough to guarantee success, but success without either is impossible. I also believe that any able bodied person can metaphorically pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. You call this belief a “myth,” and that puts us at odds over the importance of individual self-reliance. That’s fine, but to suggest that I have used this “mythology” to “exploit my fan base for my own gain” is a “doozy” of an accusation. I’ve exploited no one, Gillian. I run a scholarship program that rewards individual work ethic. I do so, because I believe work ethic is no longer encouraged to the degree it should be. We’ve trained about 500 people for a long list of good jobs, and I’m pretty sure none of them feel exploited.

Finally, “economic frustration and demographic resentment” are not mutually exclusive. I understand that racism, sexism, or all the other ism’s currently dominating the headlines are alive and well in this country, and I suspect they always will be. But I don’t believe our country is fundamentally racist. Millions of white people who voted for Barack Obama, just voted for Donald Trump. It makes little sense to accuse them of “demographic resentment.”

Then he moved on towards accusations of Trump voters only caring about blue-collar infrastructure work when it came down to Trump’s wall along the Mexican border. He replied:

Really? ALL supporters? Do you really believe all 62 million voters based their vote on a wall? Isn’t it possible that a reasonable person might have a legitimate concern about illegal immigration, support the building of a wall, look with suspicion upon “sanctuary cities,” and NOT be anti-immigrant? Isn’t it possible a reasonable person might want to see the existing immigration laws enforced and not be a xenophobe?

H/T The Blaze

You can read his entire response below:

And that’s how you school a liberal, folks.

It truly is sad that they seem to believe a person’s worst possible intentions for voting Trump are their only intentions. Get the word out on why we REALLY support Trump – share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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