• December 4, 2022

Dog The Bounty Hunter Just Made A Huge Prediction About Joe Biden…

Dog The Bounty Hunter is very worried about what’s happening to this county and is convinced that Joe Biden is the “real Hitler.” The left has spent 6+ years calling Trump “Hitler,” yet he’s never been as tyrannical as Joe Biden. But I think Biden is less “Hitler” and more “Marxist.” The left is grounded in communism. There’s nothing “fascist” about them. They are hardcore commies, right down to how they persecute their political opponents but are perfectly okay with murderers and rapists roaming the streets.

However, Dog is convinced Biden will emulate Hitler, down to how he dies.

Western Journal reported:

While speaking at a Christian conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Chapman shared his ” theory ” regarding the 2020 election and the president.

The event was part of the “Opening the Heavens Conference.” According to the conference’s official website, the event was meant to demonstrate “the prophetic heart of God” and “the manifestation of His supernatural power.”

During a speech, Chapman posited that President Biden might take his own life if evidence of “cheating” comes out regarding Biden’s victory over then-President Donald Trump two years ago.

Chapman suggested such evidence would be revealed after a “red wave” takes place in the November midterm elections.

“Wait until November … when the Republican Party … wipes them out,” Chapman said, referring to Democrats.

“I don’t care how many ballot boxes there are, I don’t care how they try to cheat. Wait till you see what happens.”

Chapman then talked about Biden, whom he previously referred to as “Little Hitler,” according to the online magazine Consequence.

I agree that Biden is out of control, and things will probably get worse before they get better, but this narcissistic tyrant would never take his own life.

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