• May 21, 2024

Donald Trump Jr. Trolls SNL and Proves Again He’s the Funniest Trump on Social Media

President Donald Trump is well known for his massive presence on Twitter.

The media has repeatedly focused their attention on their concern for the HUGE following among Trump’s social media sites, and the true threat it poses to the ridiculously liberal MSM.

Screenshot/NBC News


But although there has been a lot of buzz, especially since the Trump Tweet that alleged ‘wiretapping’, about his father…Donald Trump Jr. has been quietly (yet aggressively) establishing his OWN major presence and following on social media as well.

His true humor really shined back in February,  when the oldest Trump child compared the Wall Street Journal’s Super Bowl prediction to the statistics he saw during the election:

On Saturday, “Donald Jr.” and his brother “Eric” made their debut on “Saturday Night Live” during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment.

President Trump isn’t too fond of NBC’s “SNL”, stating the show isn’t “funny” and has a “terrible cast.”


But the younger Donald decided to fight comedy with comedy.

The caption read:

Dear @nbcsnl I stole somebody’s snack today (hint it may be Eric). Don’t tell him #heshungry #snl #weekendupdate

The post went on to offer his services to the show. He wrote:

PS if you ever need a Don Jr fill in I’m available and I do a much better job with the hair than Mikey

Now, that’s how you take a joke!

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