• December 1, 2023

President Trump Opened White House Tours for First Time. The Reaction of Schoolkids Was AWESOME

Apparently these kids didn’t get the memo that they were supposed contain their excitement over meeting the new President.

As President opened up White House tours for the first time Tuesday morning, the sheer joy and excitement coming from small children rang LOUD throughout the halls.

Seems to me these parents are raising them right!

The president was photographed hugging one young man, and stated to the rest the importance of “working hard”

Their reactions were insanely freaken’ adorable.

I have a good feeling our future in America is bright, based off off of the SUPPORT these adorable children shown the new ‘head honcho.’

America needs a lot more of this… and a lot less of…..THIS.

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The BEST part of the entire thing?

The image behind President Trump.

Gotta love it!

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