• June 24, 2024

Donald Trump’s New Theory On What Happened During The Midterms Is….

I consider myself to be pro-life. I think that since there are so many affordable (and occasionally free) birth control alternatives available, practically everyone who is responsible should be able to prevent getting pregnant.

There shouldn’t be a need for as many abortions as there are, and it isn’t that tough.

All things considered, I think many red states went too far. Not allowing “exceptions” in situations involving rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is at risk is ludicrous. I could tell there would be trouble when I heard about their rigorous rules.

Imagine how that would affect more moderate and even independent voters if it disturbed me, and I am a pretty ardent pro-lifer.

And President Trump feels the same way, and I think he’s right.

Here’s what he said on Truth Social:

Take into consideration that Gallup polled this issue recently, and what they found, plays right into what President Trump ha said in this Truth Social post.

 Americans’ satisfaction with the nation’s abortion laws is at a two-decade low of 24%. At the same time, the percentage saying they are dissatisfied because they think the laws should be less strict — broadly speaking, a “pro-choice” position on abortion — is at a new high of 30%. A smaller share of the population, 22%, is dissatisfied because they believe the laws should be stricter.

The latest findings, from a Jan. 3-16 Gallup poll, represent a change from the prior two decades, when more Americans were dissatisfied with abortion laws because they believed they were not strict enough rather than too strict, or the two positions were tied.

Overall, 24% of Americans are satisfied with U.S. abortion policies, 66% are dissatisfied and 9% have no opinion. The dissatisfied group includes 14% who initially say they are dissatisfied but, when probed, say the laws should remain as they are. This is in addition to the 22% dissatisfied who want stricter laws and the 30% dissatisfied who want less-strict laws.

We must pay attention to information like this if we hope to convert more individuals to our cause. In my humble view, if a woman is severely raped and becomes pregnant, she should have the option to decide whether she wants to take the child to term in each of the 50 states.

I think President Trump got it right. And even while I think there were a lot of other elements at play, I think this problem was unquestionably on the list.


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