• July 18, 2024

Here Are 25 Of The Dumbest Criminals Ever

When you think about the stupid things you can do with your life, robbing people is right up there. Breaking the law is bad enough, however it can end up with someone possibly losing their life as well. Plenty of robberies have gone wrong and one person ends up paying the price for a stupid decision made by someone.. Even if it is the criminal getting hurt, it is an unfortuante situaiton. Sometimes though, the events of a robbery leave you scratching your head about how someone could be so dimwitted. Now you can come to the conclusion that if someone is robbing someone to begin with, they probably aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Some of the decisions made by criminals are downright confusing though. Check out some of the dumb decisions made by these thieves. These are pretty incredible.


1. This is one of the robbery cases sure to make you angry. In 1971, a man named Katko tried robbing an Iowa farmhouse. The owner of the farm, a man named Briney, had booby-trapped his house because he was tired of constantly getting robbed . Katko set the trap off, and was shot in the legs. Katko ended up suing Briney for damages, and won. Told you it would make you mad.


2. A 22 year-old Russian girl named Julia Popova was walking home when she was attacked by a mugger. She was able to successfully free herself, and made it home. Upon her return however, she discovered she had been stabbed in the neck with a large knife and had no idea during the long walk home! Oh Russia.


3. This is just bad luck. A Croatian women died in her apartment, and she wasn’t discovered until 35 years later in 2008. The only reason she was even found at all is because thieves broke in. The smell must have been absolutely terrible.


4. This one is actually pretty funny. A company in Germany named Bahlsen had a giant cookie hanging above their entrance. Thieves stole it and demanded the company send cookies to charities! The company complied with the demands and the giant cookie was returned unharmed.


5. Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd is one of the most notorious bank robbers in history, and was hated by many. He was also loved by common people however and was quite famous. At every bank he would rob he would destroy the mortgage files, freeing people from their debt. I know I wouldn’t complain.


6. This is one bad man! During a robbery, a 90 year-old man named Samuel Cutrufelli was shot in the head. Brushing that off, he said to the robber “Now it’s my turn!” He then went on to shoot the robber several times in the abdomen.


7. This may be one of the more awesome robbery stories out there. In 2008, a robber used Craigslist to put an advertisement out for construction workers. He told them to wait outside the Bank Of America with a specific work uniform on. He then robbed the bank, wearing the same uniform as the workers he had contacted. He would then flee with his decoys waiting outside of the bank.


8. I’d be pretty upset if this happened to me. An Air Force Captain named Nicolas Aquino was arrested for burglary while entering his own home. He was then charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice!


9. In 2012 a man high on bath salts named Charles Smith broke into Ervin Brittnacher’s home. Brittnacher, who was a 79 year-old former bull rider, punched Charles Smith straight in the throat and knocked him unconscious. It’s never a good idea to mess with a cowboy.


10. This guy is the last person you would expect to be doing this! Called by some as the most prolific bank robber in U.S. history, Carl Gugasian robbed over 50 banks during his time. His nickname was the “Friday Night Bank Robber.” Astonishingly, he was also a PHD student, and a black belt!


11. Do not mess with this old lady! While attempting to rob the house of a 95 year-old women, Robert Horsley was repeatedly stabbed in the hands by the homeowner with a screw driver. When he was found, he was passed out on the porch from loss of blood.


12. Teddy Roosevelt is possibly our most bad ass president. While on a hunting expedition, Roosevelt’s raft was stolen by a band of thieves. Not to be deterred by the icy conditions, Roosevelt and his party built a makeshift raft and sailed downstream. They caught up with the thieves after three days!


13. Fame definitely has its advantages. NBA player Lou Williams was being held up at gun point, until his assailant realized who he was. The two had a short conversation, and Williams ended up taking the mugger for ice cream.

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