• June 24, 2024

How Much This Electric Truck Costs To Fully Charge Is Beyond All…

There has been a massive push for everyone to purchase electric vehicles, right?

The left has been pushing that if everyone were to purchase electric vehicles, we could save money and help the environment.

Looking at it at its face value, it sounds wonderful, but it isn’t.

If you have a ton of money to burn, go for it, but it won’t save you the money the media is saying you will.

If it still sounds amazing, then I have the vehicle for you.

It’ll cost you over $100,000, and it’ll cost $100 bucks and take about 2 hours to fill the battery at a charging station, but that’s a small price to pay to own a Hummer, “guilt-free.” Well, it’s not actually “guilt-free,” but you can pretend it is, so you feel better about yourself and the mob won’t attack you, either.

That’s a lot of money to spend on a car, but you’ll make it up at the “pump,” right?

Wrong…. it will cost a pretty penny to charge this thing, too.

Ironically, this was the truck that Biden took for a “spin.”


Western Journal reports:

Car and Driver’s Testing Hub took one of the vehicles to an Electrify America station. Beginning at 10 percent of battery capacity and charging up to 90 percent cost $81.

Car and Driver extrapolated the charge to 100 percent (however, for some reason there are repeated reports of EVs unable to take complete charges) and, including taxes, the charging bill would go over $100.

Also, the “fast” charge took 1 hour and 49 minutes.

In its review of the Hummer, Car and Driver said its testing at 75 mph showed a 290-mile range between charges.

Meanwhile, Investopedia reported in February that 88 percent of EV owners charged their cars at home. That added $30 to $60 to their monthly electric bill, but home charging is slow.

Homeowners can put in their own fast-charging equipment, but that requires electrical upgrades that can range from $400 to as high as $12,700.

Summarizing the Hummer, Car and Driver said, “… although GM has attempted to recast the Hummer for the electrified era, that doesn’t mean it’s cheap to fuel.

“It is, after all, a 9640-pound, 1000-horsepower, four-wheel-drive pickup truck that costs six figures, no matter what it’s powered by.”

If you had an extra 100K lying around, would you buy this truck?

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