• June 19, 2024

ICE Special Agent Breaks the Silence On How the Obama Admin Made the Job Nearly Impossible

Libs and illegals are losing their MINDS!

There are claims that Trump is going to begin “mass deportations” and that most illegal immigrants are at risk. But is this information even accurate?

Independent Journal Review caught up with a former ICE Special Agent who worked for ICE from 2008-2014, to ask him about the reports’ claims.

As a member of ICE under President OBama’s administration Parkes helped bring a lot of criminals down, but definitely not with ease.

According to IJR, Parks stated:

“What I see in the news is utter nonsense. As a former sworn immigration official and a special agent with ICE, you are given authority as an immigration agent under the INA to arrest anyone who you have determined the alienage and removability for. You have the ability to come across any person on the street in the U.S. and determine if that individual is removable.

If that person is determined to be removable, you are able to serve them with a Notice to Appear (NTA) which initiates the immigration proceedings. That’s been the law since the INA was enacted in 1965.

As American Progress reported:

…prior to 1965, immigrants from the Americas could enter the United States without regard for numerical limitations. The 1965 act, however, imposed the first cap on immigration from the Western Hemisphere. The 120,000 visas that Congress granted to these migrants in 1965 represented a 40 percent reduction from the previous level of immigrants entering the United States from this region. These new limitations, along with the 1964 termination of the bracero program—a notorious and fraught agreement that brought hundreds of thousands of Mexican immigrants to the United States each year under temporary work visas—made it far harder for immigrants from Mexico and Central America to gain a legal visa to the United States even as demand for their labor continued. Without creating adequate legal avenues, the law set the stage for greater numbers of unauthorized immigrants to enter the country in the ensuing decades.

Perhaps that was the issue, but that is not to say that something doesn’t need to be done about it now.

Parks also revealed how enforcing these laws were  nearly impossible because of upper management:

“So you could go out and arrest an illegal alien, under your authority, but your supervisors would just give you hell for it.

And everything is done in order to maintain your position and possible promotions or plush duty assignments, which [means] no one wants to upset their supervisors because it will only impact your quality of life as an agent. It all comes down to politics.”

He continued:

“You build up a case file and bring it to the U.S. attorney and say I want to prosecute this. And that’s where the wall is because the U.S. Attorney’s office is told what the focus is by the Department of Justice for the foreseeable future. Then things don’t get done. If the case doesn’t fall within the guidelines of that focus, it stalls.

You could have the best case in the world with an illegal alien who has been in this country for years, and he’s committed numerous crimes. But if the U.S. Attorney doesn’t want to take the case, it doesn’t get done. I saw during my time as an agent, the U.S. Attorney’s office stop prosecuting some things.’

This makes it clear that SOMETHING needs to be done..and luckily, we voted in JUST the right man for the job!

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