• April 13, 2024

Is Trump About To Give DeSantis A Very Rude Awakening….

Over the last several months, there has been a lot of talk about whether Ron DeSantis should be the man to take on the deep state instead of President Trump.

And, trust me, I get it.

DeSantis has charisma, speaks well in front of cameras, and is polished.

That makes him a politician, right?

That is who he is and has been groomed to be.

Now, I don’t dislike DeSantis, but he has never been my first choice, but there are a lot of conservatives and NeverTrumpers who are all about making “DeSantis 2024” a real thing.

These establishment GOPs and NeverTrumpers have been working overtime sowing seeds of division within the America First base.

Let me be clear, “DeSantis 2024” will never happen unless President Trump endorses him.

Those are the facts.

Let me say this again, so everyone hears it: “DeSantis 2024” is impossible without Trump’s endorsement. So, this is your first and biggest clue that it’s a psyop because it actually can’t happen. So, anybody pushing this nonsense is either politically illiterate or trying to cause division, and either way, they should be dismissed.

DeSantis is an amazing governor, and I think he has an amazing future in national politics down the road.

However, that is DOWN THE ROAD, and not now.

DeSantis’s “political fate” is not to take on the political behemoth Trump, and I think he knows that that would be political suicide. Again, another sign that “DeSantis 2024” is a psyop since Ted Cruz nearly lost his political career going against Trump, and 45 is about 100X more popular and powerful nowadays.

The moment the feds raided Trump’s home, you had these “DeSantis 2024″ goons coming out of the woodwork claiming political victory for their guy… ‘It’s time for DeSantis…” and “DeSantis doesn’t have this kind of baggage,”

It showed many people just how divisive and coordinated this “DeSantis 2024” movement is.

Also, there are a lot of conservatives who just don’t like President Trump personally.

They think his tweets are mean, say he’s not articulate, and feel like he’s “embarrassing” them. These types reluctantly voted for Trump but were always quick to criticize him and never stood up for him when he was attacked.

Those types include people like Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro, and Erick Erickson — the entire staff at Daily Wire. And that brings me to why I am here today — to give those types a rude awakening.

Well, not me personally; one of the industry’s top pollsters will do that.

Here’s what Richard said:

“GOPers who think they’ll have an easier fight with Ron DeSantis do not know their opposition, at all. Anyone who poses a true threat to the status quo, their agenda and electoral viability will get the same treatment. Only question is whether they’ll stand and fight like DJT.”

If they’re treating them with kid gloves or with less distain than Donald Trump, it only means that they do not see that person as a serious threat to the status quo, their agenda and electoral viability. They don’t fear the man. They fear an agenda and the change he represents.

This is a top pollster saying this, and he’s right. The left is terrified of President Trump.

This is why they’re raiding his home, holding J6 hearings on prime-time TV, and trying to send him to prison every time you turn around. They’re doing that because they know he won in 2020 and will win again. The fact that the GOP establishment and Dems are telling you that DeSantis would be “harder to beat” than President Trump is your next and final clue that this whole “DeSantis 2024” thing is a psyop.

Trust me, folks, if there’s one thing I can promise you with 100% confidence, it’s that the Dems and GOP establishment are not here to “help us win” anything or give us helpful pointers and everything they and their shills in the media say is a lie.

They don’t fear DeSantis like President Trump for one simple reason: he’s a politician… he’s part of the club. Maybe he’s not their favorite guy in the club, but he’s still a member, and that means something… that means they own him.

They don’t own President Trump, and that’s why “anybody but Trump” is their current motto and why they’re pushing the only guy they think could beat him or wound him and his movement so severely that he would lose in a general election.

And that is the hard truth about “DeSantis 2024.”

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