• December 1, 2023

ISIS Just Released a HORRIFYING Statement About ‘Caliphate Army’ Already In The U.S…All Thanks To Obama!

Over the last 8 years, ISIS and their sick radical ideology has completely infested our world. Luckily, that is all slowly coming to an end.

After declaring war on everyone that is not ISIS, even the group’s leader, Abu al-Farouq al-Masri, had foreseen defeat, stating:

‘Announcing enmity to the world will strangle the caliphate in its cradle,’ he said last year. ‘This will bury our project alive.’

He was absolutely right. Raqqa, the city ISIS made their capital in Syria, has been encircled and cut off, and they have already lost half of Mosul in Iraq, their largest city.

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People across the world are jumping for joy at the mere fact that the Radical Islamic group may finally accept defeat in the Middle East, but others know the truth to be imminent.

ISIS is now bragging that Muslims that are born in the United States will become an army of conquest and are “getting ready for the battle in their homeland”.

Paul Wood, a BBC world affairs correspondent, wrote an article in the Spectator stating:

“A document is circulating among Isis members through text messages and Twitter. Titled ‘The caliphate will not perish,’ it is a series of morale-boosting declarations by Isis leaders, living and dead.”

ISIS Boasts Muslims Born in U.S. Will Become 'Army of Conquest'

According to InfoWars:

“They are getting ready for the battle in their homeland. Today the caliphate is in Iraq and Syria. Tomorrow, it will be in the White House,” asserts the ISIS council member.

This is horrifying, and we need to be on high alert!

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