• May 21, 2024

WATCH: Prisoner Steals Jihadist Captor’s AK-47 and Turns it Against Him

In an insane video uploaded by The Daily Mail, one hostage proves his badassery by bravely stealing his captor’s AK-47.

After three men were held hostage and forced onto their knees by Jihadists, they calmly complied with orders as they quietly made peace with their creator. However, one of the men being help captive wasn’t going down so easy…

After a while, the men were ordered to stand up and walk to a patch of land that would presumably become their final resting place.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the prisoner on the right of the screen pulls a badass move- He reverse head-butted one of his captors in the face, allowing him to also retrieve the weapon and turn it against them, striking a crazy battle with the entire jihadi detachment.

The fight lasted longer than one would expect from the sound of continuing gunfire.

You can watch it here:

Although we can only hope for the best for the hostage, it is unlikely he made good on his escape.

You gotta give it to him though…what he did was incredibly brave. Going down fighting is certainly a better death than being slaughtered by a group of cowards with your hand tied behind your back!

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