• June 17, 2024

‘LOCK HIM UP FOR A LONG LONG TIME’: Dog found limping, wandering S.C. street with head and mouth duct-taped shut; cops hunting for abusive owner

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South Carolina cops are hunting for the owner of a black dog found Monday limping down the street with its mouth and head covered in duct tape.

The injured pooch was collared by the Darlington County sheriff’s deputies, who were able to remove the tape and take the dog to the county animal shelter “for care and treatment,” authorities said in a statement.

Facebook users who commented on the statement were outraged by the blatant animal abuse.

“If I ever saw someone doing this to an animal, I would be in jail,” one wrote. “Sickos!”

The dog is now getting care and treatment at the local Darlington animal shelter.DARLINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

The dog is now getting care and treatment at the local Darlington animal shelter.

“Some people are just so darn ignorant to harm a defenseless dog,” wrote another. “I don’t understand what do they get out of this evil behavior. Lock him up for a long long time.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 398-4501 or (843) 398-4920.

Darlington, where the dog was discovered, is about 75 miles northeast of Columbia, the state capital.

In recent years, two North Carolina women in separate cases were charged with animal cruelty after taping their respective dog’s muzzles and posting pictures on social media.

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