• June 17, 2024

LOL: Watch What Trump Did That P*ssed Off Reporters So Bad They Vandalized His Hotel

The media has come unplugged! They are over with. They want to go to war with Donald Trump so he brought them war. Following his epic press even at the Trump hotel in Washington, D.C today, reporters were so pissed at how he treated them that they tore down the dividing wall in his hotel and stormed out.

Trump said before the event started that he would follow up on the birther controversy that surrounded Barack Obama in 2008.

At the end of this video, Trump puts the birther movement in the grave. Also, you can hear reporters at the end of the speech yelling at Trump.

Because Trump spent most of the time talking about real issues that are affecting this country reporters got extremely pissed. They were standing on chairs and slinging questions at Trump for five minutes.

They were ignored.

Here is how the media responded. They responded by animals.



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