• June 17, 2024

General “Mad Dog” Mattis Explains In One Sentence How To Deal With ISIS, Finally A Man With A Pair

ISIS is terrorizing dozens of countries around the planet as we speak, and we are stuck with a politically correct president that won’t even call them what they are…RADICAL ISLAMS!! they are having toddlers shoot and kill hostages, and women and children are butchered for disobedience by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. It is time for it to end..and if ANYONE is the man for the job..it’s ‘Mad Dog’ General Mattis!! Find out how he says we will defeat them once and for all!!


VIA| C.E. Dyer reports a team of elite U.S. commandos took out a senior ISIS leader this week and an official reportedly said that the team was also able to kill another ISIS fighter while no Americans in the operation were wounded in the process.

ABC News reported:

Abu Anas al-Iraqi, said to be the finance chief of ISIS, was killed Sunday in an operation inside Syria by an intelligence-driven U.S. special operations unit known as the Expeditionary Targeting Force, a counterterrorism official has told ABC News.

“He was a top ISIS emir,” the counterterrorism official said, using the Arabic term for “prince” or “leader” that is commonly adopted by jihadis.

The official said that one other ISIS fighter was killed and that the U.S. team – under orders of the Joint Special Operations Command – conducted “sensitive site exploitation.” Which means they looked for documents and electronic devices with intelligence value. No American operators were wounded.

The U.S. government has not publicly confirmed the terrorists’ deaths.

As chief accountant, he oversaw the group’s war chest derived from extortion, kidnapping and ransom, taxation in occupied territories, oil and gas sales, as well as other illicit trafficking, officials said.

Al-Iraqi was killed shortly after U.S. special operations helicopters began trailing a single vehicle outside of Dayr az Zawr and were fired upon by the occupants of the vehicle, a third official told ABC News.

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