• June 19, 2024

WikiLeaks Source Reveals CIA HACKED Into Congress Computer Network FOR OBAMA Administration Cover Up

Should the CIA be shut down? The question is is highly debatable for the mere fact that these people can not be trusted.

In a WikiLeaks reports, there is PROOF that the exact same CIA hacked into a computer network used by the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2014, that was being used to conduct a report to limit their power, yet no action has ever been taken against them. Why should we trust ANYONE who hacks our own Congress? Check this out:

VIA| What is worse than finding out you can’t trust the government? Arguably it would be finding out that you couldn’t trust the intelligence agencies that are supposed to keep the country safe. Just think about that; you can’t trust any intelligence agency that comes out with a report.

Recently some of these intelligence agencies have come out and said that Russia was indeed responsible for hacking the election. So they prepared a report and everything similar to that, except that they don’t have any proof it happened. It’s hard to believe someone when they don’t have proof.

However an agency that is much more trustworthy than some of the United States intelligence agencies has come out and said Russia wasn’t responsible for the hacks. WikiLeaks, the group started by Julian Assange, stated several times that their source wasn’t Russian.

To prove that they should be trusted, WikiLeaks brought up an older article that showed that the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, was responsible for hacking into the Senate group charged with overseeing them. Are we really supposed to listen to a group that hacked our own Congress?

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