• June 15, 2024

Roger Goodell Struck Dumb By TV Execs Plan To Fix Ratings Mess That Spells Doom For NFL’s

As the frivolous NFL lurches to another disappointing season of plummeting ratings and mass amounts of protests from all the teams, media administrators are once again questioning whether there is too much football in America.

It is obvious that there are more than a few reasons for their poor ratings, including large weather-related problems around the U.S.

But one big controversy making rounds among the media circles deals with NFL over saturation. This has become a giant topic that has made network executives quite livid since the league launched their NFL Network in 2003.

Reported by libertywriters:

Roger Goodell is not having a good month. The anti-flag protesters have taken over the asylum and Goodell has no idea what to do.

The owners were called into a meeting to discuss what to do with these stubborn players.

They came out with no solution but did, to Goodell’s horror, delay his contract extension.

In other words fix it Roger or find a new job.

On top of that comes a shocking new report from Sports Business Daily that confirms the NFL’s worst fears.

Network television executives are desperate to solve the problem of the NFL’s falling ratings and with no solution (unless the players want respect the flag) they are looking at  cutting games from their broadcast schedule.

This would be a devastating blow and would hit them right in the wallet. Because the owners depend on huge TV contracts to pay the players their huge salaries.

If TV starts cutting back the whole entire league will feel it. Most importantly the players.

The executives are floating a proposal to cut Thursday Night Football from 18 games to just eight.

According to the report, They also want to cut the early morning games from London, a key part of the NFL’s expansion plans.

The report goes on to terrify the NFL by noting that NFL ratings are down 7 percent from the same point last season.

And a whopping 18 percent compared to the 2015 season. But the news gets worse for the NFL.

TV executives are in an absolute panic about the massive 11 percent ratings drop for the critical 18- to 34-year-old demographic group.

When will the players come to their senses?

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