• June 15, 2024

Supreme Court Issues Ruling that’s a HUGE Win for President Trump

Supreme Court rules in favor of President Trump on all current lawsuits against his executive ban temporarily restricting refugees access to America.

Illegal immigration has had a detrimental impact on the American economy and President Trump has made immigration reform a top priority from day one. Democrats were furious when Trumps first executive order was a travel ban for immigrants from certain countries with known terrorist affiliations to the point that the Supreme Court dared to overrule the POTUS. Now, in what appears to be a complete 180 degree turn around, the Supreme Court has issued a new ruling that coincides with the start of America’s readmittance of refugees seeking sanctuary on American soil.

The courts ruling states that all lawsuits against the presidents Executive ban will be dismissed in favor of the President.

Immigration will now adhere to a stricter vetting process for applicants who belong to certain countries that present a known threat to America.

All and all, this is exactly what the President wanted all along so this is a big W in Trumps book.


In a ruling on Tuesday, the Supreme Court decided that they would dismiss all lawsuits against President Donald Trump’s executive order that banned refugee admissions. This was also the same day that the administration made the announcement that it would start re-admitting refugees under an entirely different and new screening process, as reported by ABC News.

Admissions for refugees into the United States of America began again on Tuesday utilizing the “enhanced vetting” procedures for people from 11 different countries. People from these countries were deemed to pose some kind of risk to the United States, therefore the procedures were put to use. The nations for which the vetting procedures had to be performed were not identified publicly by the administration.

According to CBS News, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke stated:

“The security of the American people is the administration’s highest priority, and these improved vetting measures are essential for American security. These new, standardized screening measures provide an opportunity for the United States to welcome those in need into our country, while ensuring a safer, more secure homeland.”

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