• September 29, 2023

They Just Bestowed Mike Lindell With An Absolutely Amazing Honor!

We’ve all heard about the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame but what about the Christian Hall of Fame?

If you’re not aware of it yet, it does exist and the CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell has just been inducted into it.

He may be hated by big media and even shunned by Fox News, but his hero status among Christians was certified this week.

On Saturday, Lindell was inducted into the Roaring Lambs Hall of Fame.

During his acceptance speech, Lindell testified how Jesus delivered him from a crack cocaine addiction but now God is using him to bring others out of the darkness he was once captivated by.

These prestigious Christian awards are only given and bestowed on those who “confidently carried their faith and values into every corner of society.” And the founder and CEO of MyPillow just received it during the gala event in Dallas

A critic of the 2020 elections and Big Tech censorship, Lindell has been an unabashed Christian evangelist in media, politics, and business.

Roaring Lambs Executive Director Donna Skell said the award celebrates honorees who “use their respective platforms to boldly change the culture by the way they operate their organizations and conduct their daily lives.”
At the ceremony, Lindell revealed he puts a Bible verse in every MyPillow shipment.
Lindell told dinner attendees his personal story of addictions, especially a destructive crack cocaine habit, and how God delivered him from it.
Echoing themes from his autobiography “What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO,” Mike Lindell described how this story of recovery and business success have given him a God-given platform to provide a solution to the addiction epidemic.

His Lindell Recovery Network website provides a variety of effective help for addicts, including thousands of recommended treatment centers and churches that are vetted and biblically-based.

The site also highlights “Counseling Keys,” which are printed and online materials that deal with the causes and the cure for addiction.
Many of those resources were written by the highly-rated Christian counseling author June Hunt, who was also inducted into the Hall of Fame at the same ceremony.

Aside from this he also launched FrankSpeech.com a platform that was created to avoid the censorship common in Big Tech outlets.

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